Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The car was full of dogs and kids
(who always make me happy, well almost always)
but I needed to stop at the shop for a pint of milk.
And there it was in all it's red and yellow retro glory,
just sitting on the counter,
waiting to be purchased and then consumed - a
Could I resist? Of course not.
And it was delicious, all caramelly and melty in the mouth delicious.

That Caramac made me happy.
The childrens' Caramacs' also made them happy
but they reckoned they could have been happier
had I bought two each!
So, today, what makes you happy?


  1. just hit the nail on the head...CARAMAC!! Haven't had one in years! What have you done!!!! I'm now on a caramac mission girly!!! Good shout hun ;~)

  2. Sorry forgot to say that today my happy things have been..
    .. Pancake wednesday ( I make american style pancakes for me and my friends and family who can make it every wednesday) eating crispy bacon on pancakes smotheres with maple syrup whilst chatting to my friends was blissful..the washing up was not!!
    ... The 5 minutes of tidyness after I finshed my housework,even if it doesn't last for long!!!
    ...the cake and coffee bought up to me by my hubby whilst sorting through my admin.

  3. Wow, I could do with a Caramac right now. Can you send me one, or two? What's making me happy today is being home with Rosie, just hanging out with not too many plans. A bit of tootling around the house and a bit of sewing. Should be a good day, hope yours is too xo

  4. Gosh, can you still get Caramac? Remember that delicious, almost tooth-hurting sweetness even now. Love the picture of Battenburg cake on your last post, too - and love the idea of a blog celebrating all life's happiest things.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on mine, by the way.

  5. I had a cat that liked Caramac! (So we were both happy). x