Sunday, 9 August 2009

This weekend - Pies & Dahlias make me happy

The apple & blackberry pie was yummy and yes it made me very happy
and I have enough blackberries left to make another pie which should keep
the whole family happy.
This little dahlia opened her petals this weekend,
she is so pretty,
enough to make anyone happy especially if you've grown her from seed.
So what made you happy this weekend?


  1. The apple crumble inspired from your post made my hubby VERY happy!! Its his fave!! xxxx

  2. Being with good friends and coming home to my family, that's what made me happy! x

  3. The early spring weather and hanging out at the park (twice) with friends, family and ducks, made me happy. And the thought of blackberry and apple pie is making me HUNGRY!